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DTT - Desktop Thermal Evaporator

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The DTT is a desk top, turbo molecular-pumped thermal evaporator for vacuum deposition of thin films. The triple-source evaporation with evaporation source (boat / basket / coil) selection system is ideal for deposition of multilayer or alloys. This vacuum evaporation system with its suitable dimensions is capable of reaching the desired pressure in a short time and coating process can take place within a few minutes. It is suitable for laboratory research applications.

  • Multi-layer thermal coatings
  • Large format chamber
  • High vacuum turbo pump [Pumping Speed 90 l/s 350 l/s; Ultimate Pressure 7 x10-6 Torr 7 x10-7 Torr]
  • Two stage rotary vain backing pump, 4 m3/h
  • Full range vacuum gauge
  • Evaporation source (boat / basket / coil) selection for multilayer thin film deposition
  • Co – evaporation to form alloy films (optional)
  • Quartz crystal monitoring system for real time thickness measurement (1 nm precision)
  • Manual or automatic Timed or Thickness deposition
  • Intuitive touch screen to control the coating process and rapid data input
  • User friendly software that can be updated via network
  • Equipped with electronic shutter
  • Equipped with rotary sample holder (optional)
  • 2 inches, 500 °C substrate heater (optional
  • Metal & dielectric Films
  • Fabrication of thin film sensors
  • Optical components
  • Nano & Microelectronic
  • Solar cells
  • Multi boats, baskets and coils installation
  • Records and plots coating parameters graphs
  • Transfers the curves and deposition process data by USB port to PC
  • Automatic control of power of coating independent of pressure
  • Water cooled high current electrical feed through
  • 0-100 high current, protected against short circuit, DC power supply
  • Utilities: 220V/240V, 50/60HZ- 16A.
  • Dimensions: 60 Cm H × 65 Cm W × 50 Cm D
  • Shipping weight: ~ 60 kg
Опции и аксессуары
  • High current power supply for co-evaporation
  • Quartz crystal sensors
  • Spare glass chamber
  • Evaporation sources (boat / basket / coil)
  • 2 inches, 500 °C substrate heater
  • Sample rotation
  • MFC
  • Sealing gaskets


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